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Part of our solutions are verifications of infringements by making test purchases. Infringement verification starts where automatic scripts and software ends.

We do anonymous purchases to verify the infringements detected and to make sure we collect strong evidence. Test purchases give our clients an important overview about counterfeiting products, parallel distribution or any other unauthorized selling. Next to this, information gained from test purchases is needed in many cases to provide evidence to the courts.

Precision Unleashed: AXENCIS's Approach to Intellectual Property Challenges

Safeguarding your intellectual property is an intricate dance of strategy and vigilance. The battle against intellectual property (IP) infringement requires more than automated scripts and software in the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape. AXENCIS, a leader in IP Infringement solutions services, goes beyond the ordinary, employing specialized strategies to safeguard your intellectual property effectively.

Beyond Automation: Specialized IP Infringement Solutions

While automatic scripts play a crucial role, AXENCIS understands that true infringement verification starts where these tools end. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive solutions that preserve your brand’s integrity and creativity.

Preserving Trademarks and Copyrights: AXENCIS’s Expertise

Count on AXENCIS to excel in safeguarding your intellectual property, preventing unauthorized use, and preserving the integrity of trademark designs and copyrights. Our expert team employs advanced strategies to enforce your IP rights, ensuring that your brand remains secure in the digital marketplace.

Anonymous Purchases for Robust Verification

One distinctive aspect of AXENCIS’s approach is the use of anonymous purchases to verify detected infringements. These test purchases serve as a critical step in collecting strong evidence and gaining an important overview of counterfeiting products, parallel distribution, or any other unauthorized selling.

The Importance of Test Purchases

Test purchases go beyond mere verification; they provide our clients with valuable insights into the landscape of unauthorized selling. Whether it’s copyright infringement, intellectual property issues, or trademark violations, the information gathered through test purchases becomes a cornerstone in building a robust case for our clients.

Evidence for Legal Action: Test Purchases in the Courtroom

In many cases, the information obtained from test purchases becomes instrumental in providing evidence to the courts. AXENCIS recognizes the legal significance of the data gathered during these anonymous transactions, solidifying the foundation for legal proceedings against infringing parties.

Comprehensive Solutions: Copyright and Trademark Infringement Addressed

AXENCIS’s IP Infringement solutions service is not limited to a singular facet of intellectual property protection. We address copyright infringement and trademark violations with equal precision, ensuring that your brand is shielded from all angles.

E-commerce IP Infringement: A Specialized Focus

In the vast landscape of e-commerce, AXENCIS maintains a specialized focus on addressing IP infringement issues unique to online platforms. Our strategies are tailored to combat the challenges posed by digital marketplaces, providing clients with a robust defense against unauthorized use.

The AXENCIS Advantage: Precision and Expertise

Choose AXENCIS for an IP Infringement solutions service that goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to precision and expertise ensures that your intellectual property remains secure, allowing you to confidently navigate the digital landscape.

Navigating the Digital Frontier with Confidence

AXENCIS stands as a reliable partner in the fight against intellectual property infringement. Our specialized solutions, including anonymous test purchases, provide a comprehensive defense against copyright infringement, intellectual property issues, and trademark violations. Trust AXENCIS to safeguard your brand’s integrity in the dynamic world of digital commerc

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