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The AXENCIS Solution

Sending Legal notices to marketplaces only get you so far. Listings will appear again. AXENCIS goes deeper and removes not only the listings but targets the actual source behind it. We perform proactive manual investigation executed by certified digital evidence investigators and backed by automated, AI-supported 24/7 monitoring and violation surveillance on all major marketplaces. By this, we gather FRE 902 (13) and (14) court proof documentation of unauthorized transactions, which enables us to seize the criminal vendors’ assets no matter where they are located.

These assets are used to recover damage payments for you as Rights holder and which serve to cover our costs. AXENCIS will advance all costs for the program, and there is no obligation to refund us for our work and investment made in the case should the case prove unsuccessful. Therefore AXENCIS provides a risk-free solution for Intellectual Property Rights holders to enforce their rights globally without the costs and lower efficiency of traditional take-down programs.

Global Marketplace Investigations

Our self-developed investigation software allows us to identify I.P.R. infringements on more than 30 global marketplaces.

Forensic Analysis

Data analysts together with our lawyers analyse and record every infringement.

International Litigation

Conducting legal proceedings to enforce I.P. rights.

Global Takedowns

Have marketplaces comply, and take down listings?

Asset Seizing

Seizing assets of I.P. infringer, returning money to our clients.

International Deterrence

Creating international deterrence to stop future I.P.R. infringements.


Axencis is constantly developing its own cutting-edge technology, scalable, digital solutions which are able to automate counterfeit detection. This is used alongside our highly trained investigators who manually facilitate their removal, going deeper and taking down not only the listings themselves but targeting the actual source, the individual behind it.What makes us truly unique in the world of brand protection is that we don’t just stop at removals and warning letters, our dedicated Legal Department then leads to successful takedowns and ultimately to compensation/successful payouts for our clients from counterfeit sellers

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