The Axencis Solution

What is Brand Protection? In its most basic form, you are seeking to prevent someone from infringing or abusing, your brand illegally by using your intellectual property (IP) and/or brand name.The most common form of brand abuse and one at which Axencis excels in combating is, of course, counterfeiting. Findings have predicted that by 2022 the global counterfeiting industry will be worth $4.2 trillion. To put this into perspective, if counterfeiting were a real nation it’s economy would be around the 4th biggest in the world!Safety, brand image, reputation and a brand’s overall value can be damaged by counterfeit products, it is not only about the huge loss of revenue.

Brand Protection Solution

The best way to stop IP infringement of your product or brand is to be aware of the problem and also by understanding the level of the problem, our first step is to evaluate the level of a brand’s existing vulnerability and exposure to counterfeit markets.Here at Axencis, we are constantly innovating and creating tools to firstly identify and then successfully combat this threat for our clients. German technology used for brand detection is supported by IP lawyers, who oversee all our operations. Also, each brand we engage is given a Data analyst who then becomes an expertin their Intellectual Property, researching trends and locations of IP infringementsand pinpointing where they are most at risk. A dedicated team of certified investigators is assigned to each brand ensuring a customized solution for every type of industry and every client, providing far better results than the standardized software other companies normally sell to their customers or use themselves.

The AXENCIS Solution

What makes us different, is that apart from the fact that we provide the highest level of infringement detection and validation, our client solution does not stop there. We also enforce the removal of IP infringements online, follow through by prosecuting the infringers in the US courts and ultimately secure monetary compensation for all our clients. A complete solution, at no cost whatsoever to our clients. Just results!

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