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What is Brand Protection? In its most basic form, you are aiming to prevent the illegal use and infringement of your intellectual property (IP), whether that be your brand name, logos, imagery or creations. In other words, protecting your brands’ trademarks, copyrights and patents against counterfeiters. According to a recently published OEDC report, counterfeit products cost the world economy around $250 billion.

Aside from the obvious lost revenue your brand suffers, infringing merchants also cause harm to your brands image and reputation. Counterfeit products are not only damaging to your customer’s experience of your brand, even though it isn’t really your brand at all, but is also potential harmful to your customer’s health and safety.


The Axencis Solution

What is Brand Protection? In its most basic form, you are seeking to prevent someone from infringing or abusing, your brand illegally by using your intellectual property (IP) and/or brand name.The most common form of brand abuse and one at which Axencis excels in combating is, of course, counterfeiting. Findings have predicted that by 2022 the global counterfeiting industry will be worth $4.2 trillion. To put this into perspective, if counterfeiting were a real nation it’s economy would be around the 4th biggest in the world!Safety, brand image, reputation and a brand’s overall value can be damaged by counterfeit products, it is not only about the huge loss of revenue.

Brand Protection Solution

The first step to combatting IPR infringement is to be aware of the issue itselfl, and to understand the level of the problem. At AXENCIS, we are constantly innovating and creating tools using German technology to identify the vulnerability of your brand online, so that we can successfully combat the problem. Each brand we engage is assigned to our team of data analysts, who embrace your specific IP. The research the trends and locations of IP infringements, pinpointing where they are most at risk. Our certified and experienced investigators can ensure a customized solution for you, across all industries, providing far greater results than the standardized software and manual methodologies other companies use. Our specialist legal teams, experienced in a wide range of intellectual property law, oversee all of our legal operations throught the course of each campaign.

Safeguarding Your Identity: The AXENCIS Advantage in Brand Protection


Understanding Brand Protection:

In the fast-paced realm of online business, the significance of brand protection cannot be overstated. It goes beyond safeguarding revenue; it’s about preserving a brand’s identity and reputation. Brand protection, in its fundamental form, revolves around preventing the illegal use and infringement of a brand’s intellectual property, including brand names, logos, imagery, and creations. Trademarks, copyrights, and patents are vital elements that need safeguarding against counterfeiters.

Beyond the evident revenue loss, infringing merchants can severely damage a brand’s image and reputation. Counterfeit products not only impact customer experiences but also pose potential threats to health and safety.

The Role of Brand Protection Agencies:

Brand protection agencies play a pivotal role in addressing this challenge. These agencies, such as AXENCIS, offer comprehensive services and solutions to combat the illegal use and infringement of intellectual property. With a focus on intelligent trademark and brand protection, AXENCIS leverages German technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Navigating E-commerce IP Management:

E-commerce IP management introduces its own set of complexities, requiring tailored solutions. AXENCIS recognizes this and constantly innovates to provide
effective brand protection specifically tailored for the dynamic landscape of
online commerce. The agency understands that a one-size-fits-all approach falls short in combating intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement.

AXENCIS’s Personalized Approach:

AXENCIS’s approach begins with a meticulous awareness of the issue at hand. The agency’s team of dedicated data analysts, well-versed in the nuances of intellectual property, meticulously researches trends and locations of IP infringements. This personalized approach sets AXENCIS apart from others in the field, eschewing standardized software and manual methodologies for a more effective and targeted strategy.

The Backbone: Certified Investigators:

Certified and experienced investigators form the backbone of AXENCIS’s brand protection efforts. These specialists, well-versed in a wide range of intellectual property laws, ensure that legal operations are executed seamlessly throughout each campaign. The goal is not just to detect and validate infringements but to take proactive measures, ensuring the permanent removal of IP infringements through legal action.

Proactive Legal Measures by AXENCIS:

What sets AXENCIS apart is its commitment to going beyond legal action. The agency prosecutes offenders in court, establishing a robust legal foundation for brand protection. This comprehensive approach ensures that infringing products are not only taken down but also stay down.

AXENCIS’s Smart Brand Protection Solution:

In the ever-evolving landscape of brand protection, AXENCIS stands out as an agency that provides smart solutions. It doesn’t just focus on detection and validation; it enforces the permanent removal of IP infringements through legal means, securing financial compensation for its clients. This smart brand protection solution ensures that businesses can thrive in the digital world without constantly worrying about the misuse of their intellectual property.

Conclusion – Thriving in the Digital Marketplace:

In conclusion, brand protection is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s business environment. AXENCIS, with its intelligent and proactive approach, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to safeguard their intellectual property in the vibrant and competitive online marketplace.

The AXENCIS Solution

So what makes us different? Aside from providing the highest level of infringement detection and validation, we also enforce the permanent removal of IP infringements online by prosecuting offenders in court. Plus, by seizing financial assets, we ensure monetary compensation for all our clients.

A complete solution: We make sure infringing products are taken down and stay down, at no cost or risk whatsoever to you. Just results!

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