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Check if your brand is infringed

Ever wondered if your products or trademarks are infringed on online marketplaces, and to what extent?

Many business owners rely on basic keyword searches across major platforms to identify counterfeiters and copyright infringers, and most times, they’d come up empty or spot a random couple out of possible dozens. The culprits often have mechanisms and shady tricks for working internet algorithms to their favor, and searching for them by merely scanning marketplaces is not only inefficient, but it’s also unproductive.

At AXENCIS, all major online marketplaces are monitored 24/7 using our monitoring and violation surveillance technology. Request our Free Brand Scan to get a comprehensive overview of any infringements of your mark on online marketplaces, free of charge.

Your free Brand scan report will include:

  • Number of potential infringements of your brand
  • Average selling price of counterfeits
  • Preview pictures of counterfeits
  • Details of the Sellers’ locations
  • Statistics of infringement across each marketplace
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