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AXENCIS: A Trailblazer in Intellectual Property Protection and E-commerce IP Enforcement

Within the ever-evolving landscape of brand protection and intellectual property (IP) enforcement, AXENCIS has redefined the norms. Unlike your standard Brand Protection firm, we’ve adopted an innovative approach that sets us apart. Instead of imposing fees on businesses for brand protection services, AXENCIS provides a 100% zero-cost solution. Our success strategy is straightforward: we cover our expenses by reclaiming assets, all while ensuring our clients secure substantial payouts as damages. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that enables businesses to safeguard their brands, protect their assets, and receive financial compensation.

But our commitment to excellence goes even further. AXENCIS remains at the forefront of brand protection technology. We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge, scalable digital solutions that automate the detection of counterfeit products. These advanced technologies work in conjunction with our team of highly trained investigators who leave no stone unturned. Unlike conventional approaches that stop at the removal of counterfeit listings or sending warning letters, our investigators dive deeper. They aim to root out the actual source of the problem—the individuals orchestrating the counterfeit operations.

What truly sets us apart in the world of brand protection is our holistic approach. We don’t settle for mere removals and warnings. AXENCIS boasts a dedicated Legal Department that takes the lead. They ensure successful takedowns, and most importantly, secure compensation and payouts for our clients from counterfeit sellers. Our commitment extends beyond routine enforcement; it’s about making businesses whole again.

Infringement Verification: Going Beyond the Basics

A pivotal element of our brand protection solutions is infringement verification. It transcends the capabilities of automated scripts and software, aiming for a deeper level of assurance. Our approach involves conducting anonymous test purchases to verify detected infringements and gather robust evidence. These test purchases are indispensable in providing our clients with a comprehensive overview of counterfeiting products, parallel distribution, or any other unauthorized selling activities.

Moreover, the evidence collected from these test purchases often forms the linchpin in legal proceedings. It serves as a foundation for our clients’ cases in court, ensuring that their IP rights are upheld and defended rigorously. AXENCIS’ dedication extends to going the extra mile to protect your brand, assets, and reputation.

Intellectual Property Infringement: The Ongoing Battle

The battle against intellectual property infringement in the digital age is relentless. The vast scope of e-commerce platforms provides ample opportunities for counterfeiters and infringers to exploit brands, making brand protection an imperative.

AXENCIS is fully equipped to tackle intellectual property infringement on e-commerce platforms head-on. Our expertise in this domain extends to multiple dimensions, including trademark infringements, copyright violations, and patent disputes. We employ a multifaceted approach to tackle e-commerce IP infringement, using automated monitoring systems, real-time detection algorithms, and a team of legal experts to enforce your IP rights.

Our zero-cost model remains a key differentiator. Instead of burdening businesses with the costs of IP protection, AXENCIS shoulders the expenses and leverages its efficient recovery process. This ensures that brand owners can focus on what they do best – innovating and growing their businesses – while we handle the complexities of IP enforcement.


AXENCIS is not your typical Brand Protection firm. We offer a unique and financially advantageous solution for businesses looking to protect their brands and intellectual property. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and comprehensive enforcement ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry. Our zero-cost model allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of brand protection without the financial burden. Intellectual property infringement is a relentless battle, and AXENCIS stands ready to protect your brand, assets, and IP rights with unwavering dedication.